Our services

We are a consulting engineering firm specialized in the service of lightning arrestor system design and installation. We operate in small, medium and large scale facilities to exceptionally meet the demand of the customers engineering lightning protection system in accordance with industrial, military and aerospace standards.

As we pledge to provide great service compromising nothing in the quality and deliverability, we certify that the components used for lightning arrester manufacturing ensure high durability and performance. We order industry best equipments and products from industrial areas like Chennai, Noida, and Gujarat. In order to meet certain state-of-art technology standard, we purchase components from European continent as well. Apart from the making of lightning protection system, we do installation services as well. Being a pioneer in the market, we offer highly trained lightning arresting safety system workers at cheap wage. Moreover, our workers produce lightning arrestors that look really updated with the latest tools and software, for houses, buildings, and every infrastructure.

Check out the images given below and see how we are deployed to make your home and building secure from lightning.

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