Welcome to Clouds Power Systems

We, Clouds Power Systems, are a highly proficient and trained lightning workers in Kerala providing the ultimate solutions when it comes to lightning. We produce and supply lightning arrestors of great quality. Our comprehensive services ranging from small scale to medium and large scale industries certify the integration of reliability, superiority and trust. It's been years we have been serving you and we know which is the best solution for you and that too in a cost effective manner.

Enable Ultimate Lightning Solutions

Safety stands first after all. It's always advised to enhance the needed safety measures rather than implementing the same only after huge disasters. As you have Clouds Power Systems, no space for insecurity is possible. Engineered and crafted out in highly reliable elements comprised of metal rods and copper, we manufacture great quality Lightning Arrestors in Kerala. Since we build lightning arrestors from local and imported parts, we compromise nothing on its reliability to perform exceptionally even under the worst lightning. Lightning currents usually strike at 15 to 45 kilo amps with 20,000℃ heat energy in Kerala. Realizing the reality, we develop improved lightning protection for building, house, church, shopping malls, roofs etc. What make us unique are our exceptional services packed with cost effectiveness, reliability, efficiency, and performance. Think Cloud Power Systems, your search for the best lightning workers for homes in kerala ends here. So, whatever you want to build, make sure that the infrastructure is protected with a highly durable lightning arrestor enabled by Cloud Power Systems.

Normal & Imported Lighting Arrest Equipments

Our Features

  • Lowest installation cost
  • 3 year replacement guarantee
  • 20 years of annual service guarantee
  • Specially designed models for houses and churches
  • Effective and international model spikes
  • Side flash protection
  • Purified & high quality copper strips & plates
  • Effective copper plate earthing
  • Negative and positive ionizing technology
  • 24Hr automatic protection
  • Professionally experience technicians